The Mesmerist Benjamin Hasker, providing quality magic and mind reading entertainment for all occasions.

Available for weddings, dinner parties, corporate events, christenings and more. Mix and mingle, close-up table magic and full stage performances.

Performing a mixture of magic and mind reading I use psychology, body language, muscle reading and influence to create moments of amazement at any event or occasion.

You can be assured of reliability, first class presentation and a unique, fun and memorable experience for you and your guests.

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Wedding Magic

Perfect for weddings to keep your family and guests entertained between any lull in proceedings. I perform close-up either at the tables or in a walk around environment. If you have children attending I can also provide a traditional vintage Punch and Judy show or my amazing magical Flea Circus which really adds to the atmosphere.

Close-Up Magician

Magic and mind reading is best experienced close-up. I am available for mix and mingle events, dinner parties, corporate events and restaurants. Either at tables or in a walk around drinks environment.

Cabaret Magic

I present a full stage show as the Edwardian Mesmerist and perform at theatres, dinner parties and fundraising nights offering a full evening of entertainment. I also work in collaboration with fellow mind reader Rick Martyn providing cabaret magic shows and our unique Brainteaser show.

I tailor my performance to suit your requirements. For a friendly chat to discuss how I can help with your event or function please do not hesitate to call on 07779972571 or email

Telephone 07779972571