Flea Circus

Benjamin Hasker's Novelty Flea Circus, the smallest show on earth!

Be amazed, see the incredible fleas performing death defying acts such as Evil Fleanivel fired from a cannon, Fi-Flea the tight rope walker and high diver, Wayne Roonflea the footballing flea, Hercufleas the chariot racing flea, Harry Houdinflea the magician and so much more! Suitable for parties, street entertainment, fetes, corporate events, trade shows, the fleas are sure to bring a smile to young and old alike.

Contact ringmaster Benjamin Hasker for more details on 07779 972571 or email haskerb@aol.com

*Please note we take the welfare of our fleas very seriously so no dogs allowed! We once had a slight incident with an Alsatian, he stole the show!